All you need for Ethereum Developement

All you need for Ethereum Developement

If you have followed my Web 3.0 series, you will probably know what Blockchain is, what Ethereum is. Now, you want to learn Blockchain developement. So here's the guide for you to get started. In this post you will get a complete roadmap for you to learn Blockchain developement.

I will cover the roadmaps for those people who are totally new for this programming world. If you know some technologies then that's oviously a benefit for you and you can also skip to the parts of your interest from the table of contents.

Basic Developement parts

If you want to be a developer, there are 2 parts (mainly):

  1. Frontend Developement: All the things you see i.e the visuals. If you go to facebook you can see the login form, the beautiful logo which is placed at the top corner. All of that falls under the frontend part.
  2. Backend Developement: Now, you want to login to facebook, you give your email, password in the form and click on the Login button. What happens after that is your credentials are saved in the facebook database. That's the work of backend parts.

Frontend for Blockchain devs:

Here are the List of technologies you need to learn for frontend developement.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. React or other frameworks of Javascript (Highly Recommended)


  1. Solana

It's oviously not everything. There are a few things which you need to learn and that's not an option. You must learn. But you don't need to worry cause you will learn all of these in the flow.

  1. Node Js
  2. Truffle


I have gathered some of the free and good quality resources for you to get started. Remember to make some projects after you complete each trutorial:

Learn HTML and CSS

Learn Javascript

Learn ReactJs

Solidity Trutorial

Wish you all the very best for your Ethereum Developement journey and if you have any queries from me, just leave a comment below. Have a great day ✌.